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About Us

Tangy Market is the online marketplace where anyone can invest in music royalties.


The buying, selling and trading works just like in any other market. However, Tangy Market goes beyond numbers and rates. In addition to your chances of winning or losing, your investment in a song works as an advance payment to the songwriter.


Most likely, your money will render new songs, new lyrics and new reasons for people around the world to dance, to cry, to sing along, to fall into the arms of beautiful strangers.


Yes, we’re speaking to YOU, yearning teenage fans throughout the world. And to YOU no less—all of you uptight, white shirt institutional investors.


Let’s make the financial markets sing and dance. Let’s add some yeah, yeah, yeah to the world economy!

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Tangy Market lets you tap into the multi-billion creator economy through fractionalized investments while supporting one of the most important cornerstones of culture, music.

- Linda Portnoff, Founder of Tangy Market

Meet The Team


Linda Portnoff

Linda holds a Ph.D. in accounting and finance and has done research on the changes in the music industry since the beginning of the 21st century. She has a background as an indie pop musician, and is the former CEO of Music Sweden, the umbrella organization for the Swedish music industry. She sits on the boards of the Swedish PRO Stim and the Royal College of Music. Linda is an advisor to the Swedish Government on Sweden’s export strategy for the cultural and creative industries, and a TEDx speaker and international keynote on the development of the intangible economy, and innovation and entrepreneurship in the intersection of fintech and


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Music, Finance, Research, Drum techniques

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Johan Åberg

Johan started out writing music for some of the world's biggest artists such as Christina Aguilera, Victoria Beckham and Jessica Simpson before moving on to the business side of the music industry. He built one of the most successful boy bands in Sweden, FO&O, through their social media. After working as music manager, starting a music label and several other ventures, he later moved on to become a marketing expert within the luxury industry specialized in social media before going back to the music industry with Tangy Market.


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Marketing, Music, Design furniture

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Maria Thulin

Maria has a broad experience of data analytics and communications. Having worked in numerous infrastructure statistical research projects at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Adding a background in support services in the gaming industry… Plus being the third generation of translators in her family, she is a wizard of both number crunching, lingo and very hard to beat at speed typing.

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Music, Films, Arts and Train Spotting

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Niklas Nelldal

Niklas is a senior IT Architect, synthesizer collector and entrepreneur having started a music studio, a record label and an IT-consultancy firm. Experience include ERP systems and integrations as well as most recently from Sweden’s largest life insurance company where he was the Domain Architect for corporate functions (Finance, Treasury, AML/KYC, Legal, Risk and Compliance). Chairman of the Swedish Committee for Standardization of Blockchain & DLT, and a member expert in ISO TC307.

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IT, Recording Studio gadgets, Synthesizers and Photography

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Advisory Board Member

Aya Rizk

Aya has a PhD in information Systems and helps organisations with data and AI-driven innovation journeys. 

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