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Software dev interns in Music Fintech fall 2021

Tangy Market is a marketplace for music that lets anyone invest in songs and share the profits from the music industry. Our mission is to unlock the hidden world of music investing and shift the financial power to the artists. We launched on iOS in March 2021 and will be rolling out on Android soon. We are based in central Stockholm and are planning on working from our office during the fall.


We are looking for three developer interns currently studying backend or frontend development at university or yrkeshögskola that want to do an internship/LIA with us. They will participate in building a content management system. We’re a small team which means that you will be a big part of it, so it’s important that you enjoy working together with people. 


In this internship you will have the opportunity to

Perform interviews with stakeholders to understand needs.

Design and build a backend for a content management system based on an existing database and data structure.

Design and build a web based frontend interface that connects to the backend.

Create REST endpoints to collect and upload data from a PostgreSQL.

Implement security so that only authorised users have access.

Deploy the CMS to a production environment.


We think it’s important that you:

Are driven and autonomous. You will have access to help but we expect you to start writing your own code during the project.

Know that asking for help is a strength rather than a weakness (but you always do a google search first).

Like working together with others.

Have good communication skills.

Have empathy for the end user.

Have a passion for music (all genres welcome).


About us:

We work with the motto of “people over processes” 

Our tech stack is mainly built on Amazon Web Services (API Gateway, Cognito, Lambda, S3, SQS etc), ReactNative, PostgreSQL.


Please send your CV, personal letter, GitHub or portfolio and your internship period to, hope to hear from you soon 🎶.

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