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Dance along to your latest disco investment 🤝🕺

Do you like disco and investments? We thought so! In a few days' time, you will be able to invest in an incredibly stable evergreen disco tune, namely 'Crying at the Discoteque' recorded by Alcazar - one of Sweden's most successful music groups.

When buying shares of songs on Tangy Market, you are buying a piece of the upcoming royalties for a limited time.

The total value of the upcoming royalties is divided into shares and you can buy as many as you want of the supply available to increase your stake. As a share owner, you will receive annual payouts for the duration of the investment.

Thousands of Data Points

When investing in ‘Crying at the Discoteque’, you are tapping into three years of upcoming performance royalties for €2.65 per share. For this market listing, we collected over 3.400 historical royalty data points and lots more for the prognosis to make the valuation that sets the initial price on our market.

Where Will It Go From Here?

As you are able to extract from the graph below, given the share price of €2.65, the yield compared to the last three years of average income is +20.45%, while it was lower the years before. The burning question comes down to: “where will it go from here?”. Our recent data show strong and consistent trends in streaming and radio plays.

The graph shows the average income per share for the last seven years divided by different sources of income. The category “Other” mostly includes mechanical royalties, i.e. the revenue from CDs and other physical products. Please keep in mind that historical data is no guarantee for future revenue.

Looking at current popularity data, the graph below shows an increase of daily unique listeners on Spotify for the artist Alcazar where ‘Crying at the Discoteque’ is the most popular track.

Performance Rights, Right?

This investment is based on royalty generated from performance rights which is the songwriter, producer, and publisher's portion of the music royalties. Every time the song gets played on the radio, on stage, when someone makes their own cover or it appears in the background of a hotel lobby - revenue is generated for the rights owners and yourself if you decide to invest in the track.


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