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Göteborgsposten on Tangy Market and the Shoreline listing

Göteborg (Gothenburg) is the hometown of both Broder Daniel and the news outlet Göteborgsposten who asked founder of Tangy Market, Linda Portnoff, about the app and the listing of 'Shoreline' - the band's icon hit from 2003.

In turn, Linda Portnoff asked band member Theodor Jensen why he decided to list a part of his share of the song on Tangy Market:

- I think it's a great advance option. There are a lot of people who have a strong relationship with Shoreline and so it's fun to invite them to receive a portion of the song's proceeds. After all, it is us, the band and the fans, who together created the success, says Theodor Jensen, band member of Broder Daniel.

It is now possible to buy shares of artists' future music earnings. GP has spoken with the app Tangy market's founder Linda Portnoff, just in time for the song "Shoreline" to be back on the market. - It's a bit like trading shares, although you buy into music instead, she says.


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