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How to Trade Shares on Tangy Market: Buying and Selling on the Secondary Market

Have you invested in assets on Tangy Market but feel unsure about what the next step is? Don’t worry, we’re here to help!

‘New’ - Buy Shares to the Initial Price

When assets are first released on the market, the shares are available at a beginning price. These are marked ‘New’.

When you’ve bought shares and started to build your music portfolio, you have the option to either hold and collect the royalty payout, or trade them with other music investors on the secondary market.

What is a Royalty Payout?

Music assets on Tangy Market are available for fixed investment periods. When you own shares in an asset, you get royalty payouts until the asset expires from the market. The royalty payment equals the actual money that has been generated from the music during the investment period (e.g. from streaming, radio plays and more).

‘Trading’ - The Secondary Market

You can trade your shares on the secondary market. Let’s say you’ve bought shares of a music asset for €2.00 per share. You now have the choice to keep the shares and make a potential profit from the upcoming royalty payout or offer them on the secondary market - at a price set by you. So, you bought for €2 and let’s say you put a sell order of €2.40 per share, that would give you a profit of €0.40 per sold share.

Order Depth - Find the Right Price

Scrolling down on every music asset in ‘Trading’, you will find the order depth. This is where you see the available Buy and Sell orders. Place your order to match another order on the market. The market uses a queue system, first one in line get’s the share. You find all your pending orders in Portfolio > Orders.

Remember, you’re investing in a piece of art - anything can happen. 🎸


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