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Learn more about Tangy Market with these common questions

For all our new users, welcome to the music marketplace! Here are some of the most common Q&As about Tangy Market.

Q: How does it work?

Create an account in the app and securely deposit money. Starting price ranges from €2-€4 per share. Buy shares of music assets and start building your music investment portfolio. Access your money whenever you want.

Q: What exactly am I buying?

You are buying shares of music royalties for a limited time period. You are not buying the music rights, but the revenue that the music generates in the upcoming years to come. Your funds go directly to the music rights owner who listed their music on Tangy Market.

Q: What are music royalties?

Every time you hear a song being played, it generates money for the music rights owner in the form of royalties. The owner is usually the songwriter or artist and sometimes the label or publisher.

Q: How is the share price determined?

The price is set by our algorithms based valuation model that calculates the probable future revenue for the upcoming investment period, also adding headroom for a risk-adjusted return on investment.

Q: Why is this good for songwriters and artists?

Artists and songwriters gain financial control, independence and artistic freedom by sharing their future profits with fans and other music investors. Tangy Market unlocks the hidden world of music investments for everyone and democratizes the music industry.


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