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MusicAlly: Tangy Market Sells Slice of Song Recorded by Christina Aguilera

Tangy Market sells slice of song recorded by Christina Aguilera Tangy Market is one of the growing number of startups trying to help fans invest in music. It launched out of Sweden earlier this year as an app through which people can buy shares in the future royalties of music, although the musicians retain 100% ownership of their rights. Tangy Market analyses music’s past performance and future potential, then pays musicians upfront, converting the predicted royalties into shares to sell. The app includes a secondary market for people to resell those shares, and when the specified time period ends, investors receive the return on their investment.

While the company has worked with a range of artists and songwriters, it has just launched its most high-profile offering yet: for a share of royalties from songwriters Johan Åberg and Paul Rein’s share of ‘Come on Over’, a song recorded by Christina Aguilera. Stuart Dredge


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