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New market listing: ‘1968 ish’ by Little Sven!

Summer’s approaching, and what better way to spend those lazy days in the hammock than with some sunny 60’s sounding goodness? With a sound that blends psychedelia and soul music, Swedish hidden gem ‘Little Sven’ has managed to produce an album that sounds both fresh and recognisable at the same time.

The main producer behind Little Sven is Sven Johansson, a multiple Swedish grammy nominated and well renowned music producer whose earlier outfit Johanan was picked up by BBC Radio one. He works with well known artists such as Veronica Maggio, Dungen, Linnea Henriksson and Sara Parkman.

”We packed instruments and tape recorders and went to live together in a big old house in the Swedish countryside. We hung out, cooked food, danced, went skinny dipping and made music all day and all night. When the world was sleeping the world of Little Sven was created in an isolated bubble, a dreamy state of being stuck in a time capsule from 1968… ish.”

‘1968ish’ is the first album coming out from ‘Little Sven’ but suffice to say, Sven the musician and producer is certainly not new to the game, and the quality of this project shows just that. Merging old and new sounds with a keen pop sensibility, ‘Little Sven’ might be your next soundtrack for the summer.

Available on Tangy Market now.


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