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New Market Listing: The Amazing

Now you can invest in the album 'The Amazing' by The Amazing. How amazing is that? 😉

Investment period

8 Years

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The band has a strong fan base with over 40,000 monthly listeners on Spotify today, with listeners from all over the world, even though their latest release was in 2018.

Top Listeners on Spotify

  1. USA

  2. Canada

  3. UK

  4. Germany

  5. Holland

Two of the tracks on the album, 'Strangest Thing' and 'Dragon' are still in their top 10 most popular tracks on Spotify. The latter being their second most played song ever.


  1. The Kirwan Song

  2. Dragon

  3. Beach House

  4. Code II

  5. Deportation Day

  6. Is It Likely

  7. Romanian

  8. Dead

  9. Had To Keep Walking

  10. The Strangest Thing

The Swedish quintet, consisting of members from other well known outfits such as Dungen, Granada and Anna Järvinen, released their self-titled debut album in 2009.

The Amazing has kept their popularity throughout the years and continues to stream in the millions, not to mention their enduring popularity in the US and worldwide.

It was with their sophomore album ’Gentle Stream’ they had their definitive breakthrough. After touring throughout the states and becoming one of few Swedish acts to play the ’Letterman Show’, the group continued to release music until their latest album ’In Transit’ in 2018.

With a mix of psychedelia, jazz and Swedish folk music, the group manages to capture nordic melancholy while still retaining a truly international sound.

While the members have all worked on different projects since their last release, we’re quite sure there will be new music coming from the supergroup this year after taking a look at the comment section on their Facebook page.

Here's what Pitchfork wrote about the album release:

"The element of "Dragon" that leaps out on first listen is its beautifully fluid twin-guitar refrain that evokes the easy-bake grooves of the Allman Brothers Band and the Grateful Dead. This sun-dappled style crops up again at various points on the album, and, in a more general sense, the parts of the record that don't find Gunrup conjuring up Drake's pink moons and northern skies instead see the band exploring various permutations of stoner-friendly rock. Opener "The Kirwan Song" features a sublime interpolation of Fleetwood Mac's "Sunny Side of Heaven", penned by the eponymous Danny Kirwan and recorded just as the Mac were transitioning from jam-friendly blues-rock to soft-focus pop.

Fittingly, Gunrup and co. take Kirwan's original, intimate instrumental and blow it up to stadium size, complete with thunderous drum rolls from Dungen kitmaster Johan Holmegard. That's just a warm-up for the massive, molten "Code II", a roiling monolith of wicked, doomy guitar shards and more skull-rattling drumming.

The hazy, heavily treated "Dead" could pass for mid-period Flaming Lips, but it's on the penultimate "Had to Keep Walking" that the Amazing really kick into interstellar overdrive. As the song cycles through a cerebral, ruminative groove, it touches on post-rock before melting into a keyboard-laden head trip ripped straight from the Tangerine Dream and Pink Floyd playbooks."


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