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One Year Since First Release!

Good morning and cheers! 🥂 We are celebrating that one year ago, Tangy Market was released for the very first time in the world.

We are very proud to have enabled music rights owners financially so that more awesome music can be made, music producers can get hired and bills can get paid.

We have unlocked 🔑 the hidden world of music investments so that anyone can call themself a music investor. How cool is that?

🥳 Thank you to all users who have enjoyed a 13% average yield in the first year.

🥳 We’ve grown the market cap 1000% since launch.

🥳 We’ve listed over 200 songs in total on the market including ‘Come on Over’ recorded by Christina Aguilera and music by Luis Fonsi, the artist behind the world hit ‘Despacito’.

🥳 Congrats to our user who made a €2,500 profit in three months.

🥳 The iconic song ‘Shoreline’ sold out in 2 minutes and enjoyed a soaring 1700% increase at most in the secondary market.

🥳 Users from over 30 countries have found their way to Tangy Market.

🥳 The one user who decided to terminate their account - thank you and welcome back any time so we can celebrate a 100% retention rate.

Our work here at Tangy Market continues and more exciting things are coming up, so stay tuned!


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