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Revealing the First Music Assets Available to Invest in!

It’s not long until you have the possibility to invest in music royalties for the very first time.

You might be wondering what songs are available for investments? Let us calm your curiosity straight away with a list of the very first music assets available on Tangy Market.

We love every single one of these works of art. And you know what? New music assets will be added regularly. You can let us know your own music investing wish list by emailing us at

Broder Daniel - Shoreline

“Spela Shoreline!” - do we need to say more about this evergreen song that even has its own statue in the band’s hometown of Gothenburg. If you are not Swedish, just know this might just be Sweden’s equivalent to ‘Wonderwall’.

Kornél Kovács - Stockholm Marathon

Kornél Kovács is one of the most successful house producers in Sweden and one of the founders of the iconic label Studio Barnhus. Stockholm Marathon is his latest album release and it will be available as an asset on Tangy Market.


Mona Khoshoi is a music producer and songwriter on the rise. She has already worked with Ana Diaz, MNEK, Westlife, Daya, Olivia Rodrigo and Wrabel. Now you can invest in her own artist project MONA. This debut EP is influenced by artists like BANKS, Jai Paul and SOHN.

Wojtek - Atmosphere

Wojtek is a composer, pianist and a “planeteer” who is deeply engaged in the climate movement. ‘Atmosphere’ is an album filled with samples from around the world and techno beats from his home town of Berlin. It was recorded and produced carbon neutrally (!).

Rebecca & Fiona - Bullets

Producer, DJ and pop duo Rebecca & Fiona have several Swedish Grammis awards and nominations on their CV. This iconic song got its own episode on Swedish national radio show P3 Låten and has worked many dance floors around the globe. You can invest in a bundle with the original song and the most played remix by Adrian Lux and Nause.

Vera Vinter - Just nu (Vredens tigrar)

Beautiful alternative folk meets poetic indiepop in Vera Vinter’s music. One of the brightest shining stars from the north of Sweden. She was recently awarded the prestigious Rubus Arcticus. Her fourth album is on its way - until then - invest in her newest single Just nu (Vredens Tigrar).


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