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SYLVE - 'Sommartid (Ett annat vi)' Now Available on Tangy Market

'Sommartid (Ett annat vi)' by SYLVE is now up for investment on Tangy Market! Check it out in the Tangy Market app now.

SYLVE is a Swedish artist and songwriter with a warm and soulful voice, writing honest lyrics without being afraid to show vulnerability. The piano ballad 'Sommartid (Ett annat vi)' will be available for investment on Tangy Market tomorrow. It's a song about memories from a heartbreak happening during summertime.

- The day the song was created, me and my producer Calle Johansson, were supposed to write a happy uptempo song. But as soon as I walked in the studio, this song just came out of nowhere. In just a couple of minutes the song had poured out of me, along with some tears, says SYLVE.


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