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The First Royalty Payout is Here!

The First Royalty Payout

Music assets on Tangy Market are available for fixed investment periods. When the time is up, you will get a Royalty Payout for each share you own of the asset. The Royalty Payment equals the actual money that has been generated from the music during the investment period.

The first Royalty Payout reflects the investment period March 1, 2021 - March 1, 2022 and shows an average total return of +13.42% compared to the initial price.

What Indicators Lie Behind the Performance of Each Asset?

Let us share some reflections on the economic performance of the first six Music Assets terminating after a one year investment period. Although we already learned that nobody knows about the real economic value of music according to fellow cultural economist Richard Caves, there are indicators that show the most probable value.

Predicting the Value of Old vs New Music

Music that was released years ago naturally have a larger amount of data that we feed our valuation models with in order to predict the most probable royalty payout in the years to come. Newly released music doesn’t have that history, but it does have a predicable potential. The newer the music, the higher the bet. 🤠

The Difference Between Long vs Short Investment Periods

The performance of individual assets also shows that for many Music Assets to find their price over the long run, the investment period optimally needs to be longer than a year. We can see that this is true for many assets, but not all. We can happily announce that we are increasing the investment periods moving forward.

The Pandemic has had an Effect on Music Royalties

The pandemic has not shown mercy to anyone during these past two years, and music is no exception. Artists are among those who have suffered the most. The estimation of royalties has probably suffered a little bit too since the outbreak of COVID-19 made predictions harder. 🤷‍♀️🦠

How Did Your Music Royalty Investments Do?

To see your Royalty Payout, go to Portfolio > Trades.


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