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Top 5 Most Asked Questions!

We appreciate all of the great feedback you have given us so far! Please continue to share your thoughts with us. We noticed some questions are more frequent than others.

Here are the top 5 most asked questions!

I got an email from TestFlight, but there's nothing there for me to download.

TestFlight only works with the same email you are using for Apple ID. Please contact us if you signed up with another email than your email connected with Apple ID.

What does “Pending” mean in my Portfolio?

The buy or sell orders are "Pending" until they are matched on the market. You can find your pending orders in your Portfolio. Note that the matching can take a while. You can always cancel your order and try another price.

When will there be more songs on the market?

New musical assets will be added regularly. Have a tune on your mind you would like to see on the market? Please feel free to suggest it to our team by telling us in the support chat or emailing us at

How can I profit from the market?

1. Sell your shares to other music investors on the market and decide your own price. The price shown is the latest sold Share price on the market.

2. Hold your shares and take over the royalty payouts from your music investments. See payout dates in the Musical Asset’s info section.

Where can I see the value indicator of my Shares?

For now, you can see the value growth in percentage both in your Portfolio on each share you own and also in the Marketplace. We are adding features regularly so make sure to keep a lookout.

Are you looking for other answers? Please have a look at the FAQ, chat with any of us in the support in the app or send us an email to


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