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New Market Listing: ‘Gustavsberg’ - Noice

Now you can invest in the song ‘Gustavsberg’ recorded by Swedish rock legends Noice.

Over 40 Years of Success

In 1975 some teenagers from Gustavsberg, Sweden, started a nameless band. Eventually, they decided to call themselves Noice and little did they know that they were to become one of Sweden’s most famous rock groups alongside Gyllene Tider.

Their debut album ‘Tonårsdrömmar’ (Teenage Dreams) was released in 1979 when the band members were merely 14 to 17 years old. The album ended up in the Swedish album chart and stayed there for 18 weeks, peaking at nr 2.

Noice performing live in the early 80s

Noice got their big breakthrough when performing one of their biggest hits ‘En kväll i tunnelbanan’ (One night on the subway) on national TV in 1980.

Today, Noice is named one of the most iconic rock bands in Sweden and is still visible in the limelight with new music being released, national tours, books being written about them, and their own documentary on SVT seen by over 1 million people.

It doesn’t end there, the musical ‘Noice Rockmusikalen’ is currently playing in Malmö until Dec 17th where the song ‘Gustavsberg’ is the final number that wraps the whole story together with its nostalgic context.

The band had a total of 13 members throughout the years but only two of its original members are still standing, Robert Klasen and Peo Thyrén.

“I never knew our music would last over 40 years. The last time Noice was this successful was back in 1981!”

- Peo Thyrén, original member of Noice

The original band in the 80s

Invest in ‘Gustavsberg’

The song ‘Gustavsberg’ is written by Anders Hansson and Peo Thyrén. It was released in 2020 and is a nostalgic look back at the place where the band started, in Gustavsberg - a locality situated on the island of Värmdö in the Stockholm Archipelago.

Today, Noice has over 170 000 monthly listeners on Spotify, a number that is increasing over time by between 10% to 40% yearly, see the graph below.

Noice: Number of monthly listeners on Spotify

Noice has daily radio support on Swedish radio, mainly from their breakthrough track ‘En kväll i tunnelbanan’. The song ‘Gustavsberg’ has streamed 393 000 times on Spotify as of today.

When investing in ‘Gustavsberg’, you buy shares of the songwriter’s royalty, meaning that every time you hear the song play, whether it is at your gym, on stage, or in the musical, you get a return on your investment.


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