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For Music Creators

Gain financial control, independence, and artistic freedom by making your songs investable on Tangy Market.

1. Get investment

2. Add value

3. Advance

How does
it work?

  • Get your future music royalties in advance. 

  • Investors give you capital now and get their return on investment from the actual royalty payouts later. 

  • You keep 100% ownership of your music.

I chose Tangy Market because the model fits me perfectly as an independent artist and I think we need more solutions like these in the music industry to make sure artists get more financial and creative freedom.


- Lamix, Songwriter & Artist

I often hear from people that ‘Kärleksvisan’ is THEIR song, and they tell me personal memories that they associate the song with. It can be from a wedding, baptism, funeral, someone who learned Swedish with the help of it, and much more. Now you can actually make it your OWN by owning a small portion of the royalty for 8 years. So exciting that it sold quickly and made such a success on Tangy Market!


- Sarah Dawn Finer, Songwriter & Artist

I think it's a great advance option. There are a lot of people who have a strong relationship with Shoreline and so it's fun to invite them to receive a portion of the song's proceeds. After all, it is us, the band and the fans, who together created the success.


- Theodor Jensen, Songwriter, Artist &  member of Broder Daniel.

  • How does it work?
    As a copyright owner of music you usually get paid little by little, by receiving royalties as your music is being played. ​ Instead of waiting for years, get paid faster by leasing your future royalties to music investors on Tangy Market. ​ We predict the most probable value of your music in the upcoming years. Investors give you the capital now and get paid later from the actual royalty payouts. By leasing your future royalties, you keep 100% ownership of your music.
  • Who can list their songs on Tangy Market?
    Anyone who is a copyright owner of music. It could be an artist, songwriter, label, or publisher.
  • Do I sell the rights to my music?
    No, you are only leasing the royalties (revenue) that your music generates for a limited time.
  • What if I have a publisher or label deal?
    If you are still recouping an advance, you cannot list your music on Tangy Market since the revenue belongs to someone else. If it’s hard to know if you are recouping a song or not, we can help you sort it out.
  • Do all songwriters and other copyright owners of the song need to approve before I list it?
    No. You only list the part of the song that you own. It can be a nice move to let the others know - maybe they would like to list their parts of the song together with you.
  • How is the value of my future royalties determined?
    The value is set by our data-driven valuation model that calculates the probable future royalties for the upcoming investment period, also adding headroom for a risk-adjusted return on investment.
  • Will I still get royalty payouts from the music I list?
    If you lease 100% of your future royalties, you will not receive any royalty payouts for that particular song during the investment period. You already got paid by the investors. If you lease 50% of your royalties, you will get 50% of the actual payouts during the investment period. If you lease 10% of your royalties, you will get 90% of the actual payouts during the investment period.
  • What risks am I taking?
    All investments carry some degree of risk. When you lease royalties to investors, you lock the value to what the valuation model predicts. You already got that predicted amount no matter how much the actual royalty turns out to be. Get cash when you need it.
  • What happens with my music during the investment period?
    Your music will be available on Tangy Market during the whole investment period, meaning music investors continue to buy and sell shares with each other. Of course, you can be one of the investors in your own music if you like.
  • What happens when the investment period expires?
    You get back 100% of your royalties.
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